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Frequently Asked Questions

For Everyone

1. What is the long-term goal of this site?

Our aspirational goal is that this will be the go-to resource to find handmade goods that are local to wherever you are.

2. Sales tax responsibility.

No sales transactions occur on this site. Makers are solely responsible for insuring that they are complying with tax rules required in their region.

For Makers

1. Why is there an application process?

The application process is to verify the makers’ identity and to filter out spammers. We require all applicants to have a website with public contact information.

2. Who can apply?

Any person who makes and sells a product as an individual or as a business is welcome to apply as long as they have a website with public contact information. Please choose the city closest to your location in the application form, or if we don’t have your city included, please email to have it added.

3. Do I need to have a shop to list my products?

We prefer it if you have a shop, but if you don’t, then it must be obvious how someone can purchase your products.

4. Can I list my service?

We focus on products rather than services. However, you may include your service if it is secondary and complimentary to your product.

5. How do makers apply?

There is an “Apply” button at the bottom of the homepage, which directs you here: Please complete this form to apply.

6. How long until I hear back about my application?

After we review your application you'll receive an email within 1 week from If you are accepted that email will include a login link so that you can complete your profile. If you are not accepted, we will offer an explanation. If you have any questions during this process, please send us an email at We're happy to help!

7. Is there a fee to participate?

There currently is no fee to apply or use the site, and we will not sell any user information.

We are currently working on an advertising model to sustain the site. However, we are keeping all future funding options open to maintain this resource and expand into new areas. In the event that we need to apply a participant fee, all makers will be notified and given the choice to pay a fee to remain listed.

8. Do you have plans to expand to other cities?

Eventually, but because we are a small team, we are currently focused on the Mid-Atlantic Region.

If you would like to have your city considered for addition to the application, please email us at

9. How do I make my listing active or inactive?

On your admin page you will see a button that says "Set Listing Live". When you click that button the button will change color to green and your listing will be live on the site. Clicking that button again will hide your listing from the public site.

You do not have to hide your listing to make edits but you have the opition if it would make you feel better. This functionality was added so that blank profiles would not appear on the site before they could be filled in.

10. How can I get my product category added?

Please email us at

For Customers

1. How can I report an inactive maker URL?

Please email us at if you stumble upon a broken URL on our website so that we can reach out to the maker to correct the issue, or deactivate their account.

2. What if I have a bad experience with a maker on your site?

Nearby Maker does not endorse any maker on our site. All transactions will be between you and the seller and do not occur on The Nearby Maker site. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable doing transactions with any of the vendors listed on this site.

If you ever have a bad experience with any vendor listed on our site, please let us know. We do require that all makers are located in or within close proximity to the city they applied to on our site. We do our best at screening all applicants. However, if you suspect that any maker is improperly designated to a specific area, please let us know at